Welcome to heavymanicsouls.com. We are pleased to present our music.

You can get the CD for 10€.
You can also download any tracks for 0.50€ in .mp3 and Ipod-aac, and 0.70€ in .wav

Finally, download the entire album in any format and get the artwork cover to print and make your CD yourself, for 7€. Only 5€ in mp3 and Ipod-aac


Four guys from different styles of music (from Rock to Jazz, from Blues to Metal) gathered in "Heavy Manic Souls" to play a Blues-Rock based music with a lot of other influences like Grunge, Funk, Country, Psychedelic and more ...

We're so proud to release our first album included 11 tracks with a great variety of tones and colors.

For the heavy/blues guitar freaks who like cats as SRV/ J.Hendrix, Lance Lopez, Philip Sayce, Michael Landau you will find that kind of vibe.

Heavy riff of "Juggernaut (Fury Road)", roots blues of "Uncle Pirate Blues", Psychedelic grunge of "Cigarette", raw Texas Blues shuffle of "Rollerball" and all of the other songs, you will find something special.

So welcome to the "Heavy Manic Souls" world and let the adventure begin.........